Vacuum Cleaners in UAE

Al Jalahma Est. is one of the leading suppliers of high quality industrial grade vacuum cleaners in UAE. These central vacuum cleaners are designed to operate in adverse conditions. They are rugged machines designed to clear out industrial wastes such as wood and metal filings on a daily basis. Our industrial vacuum cleaners are used in a variety of heavy duty industries, mining and agricultural sectors as well. We only deal in equipment manufactured by market leaders, and ensure that all our equipment conform to the industrial standards. These machines are easy to clean and maintain and are also power efficient, thereby saving your energy costs, while providing quality services.

Industrial grade vacuum cleaners are suitable for large scale cleaning requirements at large facilities. These vacuum cleaners are suitable for a variety of industries such as construction, plastics, printing, metal working, power plants, and more. They are strong enough to suck up a variety of floor dirt such as metal chips, dust, grease, dirt, grave, sand and more. These vacuum cleaners are suitable for both wet and dry use and can help keep your facility clean and tidy throughout the day.

We deal in all kinds of stationary and portable vacuum cleaners that are suitable for all kinds of industries. We ensure that the vacuum cleaners are equipped with high quality filters that help filter out floor dirt with ease. Let our experts help you to find the best vacuum cleaners in UAE that suits your industrial needs. Our experts will help you to find the right kind of vacuum cleaning equipment suitable for your needs.